Interesting Places
Restaurante Plaza Mayor
Restaurante Mesón del Regidor
Museo de Arquitectura
Museo de Historia
Interior Museo de Historia
Museo Romántico
Restaurante El Jigue
Restaurante Via Reale
Convento San Francisco Asís
Iglesia Santísima Trinidad
Iglesia Santa Ana
The whole culture of our ancestors was caught in Our Museums. Samples of our customs and traditions are allowed to see in the museum of History, on the constructions in the museum of Architecture. The beautiful Palacio Brunet or Romantic museum built in 1808, were the first museum been founded in Trinidad, he/she keeps the fine chinas, linens, furniture manufactured by the teachers cabinetmakers of the time.
Architecture Museum
Museum of History
Romantic Museum
Inside Museum of History
The religion is also made notice in the village. Many of their churches like The Stern, The Vigía, Santa Ana being already in ruins still conserves their steeples and their high masonry walls. San Francisco's convent of you Seize, it is today in day a museum. The church of San Francisco of Paula is in downtown and its majestic bigger church, La Santísima Trinidad rises showy in the heart of the historical helmet with more than 100 years of existence.
El Jigue
Their exquisite Chicken to the Jigue, International Food, Service to the Letter.

Plaza Mayor
International food, Service Buffet and Grill.

Via Real
Specialized in Italian Food, International Food.

Mesón del Regidor
Creole Food.


El Colonial: International food. Fish and Seafoods.

Don Antonio: International food. Fish and Seafoods.

Santa Ana: International food, Service Buffet and Grill.

Manaca Iznaga Restaurant: Creole Food.

Gril Caribe: Fish and Seafoods.
San Francisco de Asis Monastery
Santísima Trinidad Church
Santa Ana Church
Interesting Places