Interesting Places
Interior Canchánchara
Entrada Canchánchara
Interior Teatro Brunet
Frente Teatro Brunet
Palenque de Los Cogos Reales
Ruinas Segarte
Casa de la Música
Casa de la Trova
Bailes Folkloricos
Parranda Campesina
Tejidos de Guano
Lencería y Tejidos
Alafarería Trinitaria
La Canchánchara

Accompanied by Cuban music you can enjoy the traditional drink La Canchanchara, elaborated with ice, lemon juice, honey of bees and rum.

Night Centers
Casa de la Trova
You can enjoy yesterday's trova and of today in the melodious voices of the youngest today minstrels.

Palenque de los Congos Reales
Through the Folkloric Ballet he offers the most genuine and autochthonous in the trinitarian folklore next to the old African traditions.

Casa de la Música
Located in the center historical, pleasant appointment for the Cuban music.

Ruinas de Segarte
Cuban traditional music, percussion classes and dances.

Ruinas del teatro Brunet
Place for where important figures of the national and international culture paraded. He offers shows with dances and Afro-Cuban music. Also classes of popular music, Cuban percussion, Afro-Cuban dances.

The pottery
The history of the pottery goes back by the middle of the XIX century. Beautiful pieces of cooked mud can be acquired in the shops of multiple artists.

Table cloths, bed clothes, they were elaborated by hand from very early in the trinitarian history. Today several shops exist where embroidered garments are offered, lace, mesh, carried out by local artisans.

Fiber Tissues
Bags, hats, wallets and many other marvels are made for trinitarian that offer their products in fairs and shops in the historical center.

Cuban Traditional Music

Dance Folkloric

Interesting Places
Trinitarian Traditions